Statement: Holiday Caravan Owners

The British Holiday & Home Parks Association (BH&HPA) serves and represents the parks industry in the UK.

BHHPA Statement - UK ParksThe BH&HPA membership includes the owners and managers of 2,133 holiday and touring parks, providing 342,594 pitches for holidaymakers. They have been asked to close their parks to fight the virus, save lives and protect the NHS. Many are now taking in NHS, key workers and the homeless whilst working to support their customers and staff teams.

206,499 households own a holiday caravan or lodge on BH&HPA members’ holiday parks. These caravans are their holiday bolt hole, their ‘happy place’. The virus is preventing customers from using their holiday caravan.

Some holiday caravan owners have asked whether they should anticipate a refund of their pitch fee because of the Coronavirus epidemic.

In normal times, a refund of pitch fee would be triggered by the ending of the Licence Agreement between the park and caravan owner and the removal of the holiday caravan from its pitch. These are not normal times and BH&HPA members are honouring in full the terms of the Licence Agreement in so far as they are able under the Government lock-down.

The Association has advised members to engage with their customers to confirm their work to safeguard their holiday caravan and to ask that they continue making payments under the terms of their Licence Agreement as they fall due.

Park and caravan owners share the same interest to ensure the survival of the park business. BH&HPA members will do everything possible to work with their customers to achieve this. The Association has advised members to communicate openly with their customers to retain their goodwill in these unprecedented and difficult times.

You can read the full statement here

7th April 2020


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