David Bellamy Blooming Marvellous Pledge for Nature

The David Bellamy Blooming Marvellous Pledge for Nature is an exciting new initiative that lets holiday parks and residential home parks show the world how dedicated they are to helping Britain’s wildlife.

All parks that make the pledge commit themselves to:

Each year, the parks must also commit to starting at least one big project to help nature. In 2024, the challenges they can take up are:

The parks receive regular visits from David Bellamy Advisors to check how they are doing and to give them advice on how to move forward.

When you visit, ask the park about what they are doing – you may well find that there are things you can do to help, or wildlife conservation ideas you can pick up and take home with you.

The Blooming Marvellous Pledge builds on the amazing work done by parks under the David Bellamy Conservation Award Scheme, which ran for over 25 years.  The Scheme was set up by the British Holiday & Home Parks Association (BH&HPA) and Professor David Bellamy, who was one of the UK’s leading environmentalists.  The Pledge honours his legacy and his practical and pragmatic approach to nature conservation.  David dedicated his life to encouraging people to get out into the countryside so that they could experience and value nature. The pledge continues this vital work.

David Bellamy Blooming Marvellous Pledge Holiday Parks

Click the image below to see which parks have taken the pledge.

David Bellamy Blooming Marvellous