Places to go for Wild Swimming in the Lake District

The Lake District is one of the most beautiful regions in the UK, and a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers. But did you know that the Lake District is also an excellent place for wild swimming? With over 16 lakes and numerous rivers and streams, this region offers a variety of places for wild swimming. We explore some of the best places to go for wild swimming in the Lake District.

Buttermere Infinity Pool

In addition to its stunning views and natural beauty, the Buttermere Infinity Pool is an excellent spot for wild swimming in the Lake District. The pool is deep enough for a challenging swim, while the clear water and calm atmosphere make it a great spot for a relaxing dip.

The natural surroundings also offer plenty of opportunities for hiking and exploring, making it a perfect day trip destination. Plus, with its secluded location and peaceful atmosphere, the Buttermere Infinity Pool is a great place to escape the crowds and experience the beauty of nature in a truly unique way.

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Birks Bridge

Birks Bridge has been gaining popularity among swimmers due to its picturesque setting and serene atmosphere. You can enjoy a refreshing swim upstream from the rocks to the Waterfall or Gorge, surrounded by lush greenery and natural shade. Not only is Birks Bridge an excellent location for wild swimming, but it is also perfect to spend a leisurely afternoon with friends and family.

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Grasmere is a beloved destination for wild swimmers, boasting crystal-clear waters and ample space for swimming and picnicking, despite its relatively small size compared to other lakes. The water is cool, making it a perfect choice for a refreshing summer swim. The surrounding landscape is breath-taking, so you can enjoy stunning views from every corner during your day out.

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Galleny Force Waterfall

If you’re looking for a truly magical experience, Galleny Force Waterfall, also known as ‘The Fairy Glen’ is a must-see destination. This location is surrounded by serene countryside views, with waterfalls cascading into the crystal-clear waters below. The tranquil sound of the waterfalls and the gentle breeze make it the perfect place to relax and unwind.

As you explore the area, you’ll discover that there are plenty of places to sit and take in the stunning scenery with loved ones. If you’re planning a visit, we highly recommend going in the summer. This is when the weather is at its best, and the natural beauty of the area is in full bloom.

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Styhead Tarn

Styhead Tarn is a hidden gem of the Lake District, ideal for a refreshing swim surrounded by stunning mountain views and greenery. This location is ideal for both novice and experienced swimmers. It’s a secluded spot that allows visitors to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and reconnect with nature. Styhead Tarn is a must-visit spot for anyone who loves wild swimming and exploring the great outdoors.

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Black Moss Pot

If you’re looking for an exciting swim in the Lake District, Black Moss Pot is an adventurous destination to visit. With its striking waterfall and crystal-clear pool, it’s the ideal spot for a refreshing swim. However, it’s important to keep in mind that the strong currents can make it challenging for inexperienced swimmers, so exercise caution. To avoid the crowds, we suggest visiting during off-peak times. You’ll be treated to dramatic views of the natural surroundings during your time there.

Holiday Parks near Black Moss Pot:

Scale Force

Scale Force is a mesmerising waterfall situated in the heart of the Lake District that will leave you in awe. With a height of 170 feet, the waterfall creates an ambience with its cascading water. The deep pool at the base of the waterfall is an ideal spot for a cool and refreshing swim, especially on a hot summer day.

The water is usually ice-cold, but if you enjoy a bit of adventure, we highly recommend wild swimming here while enjoying the breath-taking views.

Holiday Parks near Scale Force:


Derwentwater is a large lake located in the northern part of the Lake District. It is a popular destination for tourists and offers a variety of outdoor activities. Thanks to the several beaches and coves, this lake is great for wild swimming.

One of the best places for wild swimming in Derwentwater is at the eastern end of the lake, close to the town of Keswick. Here, you can find a secluded beach perfect for swimming and sunbathing.

Holiday Parks near Derwentwater:

Crummock Water

Crummock Water is another beautiful lake located in the western part of the Lake District. It is less crowded than some of the other lakes in the region, making it an ideal spot for wild swimming. One of the best places to go for wild swimming in Crummock Water is at the southern end of the lake, close to the village of Buttermere. Here, you can find a secluded cove that is perfect for swimming and relaxing.

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Rydal Water

Rydal Water is an ideal spot for wild swimming in the summer. This small lake offers a shallow and calm area for swimming, making it an excellent choice for beginners, especially in the southern end. There is a rope swing that can be a great source of entertainment for children and adults alike. Rydal Water is perfect for a refreshing swim on a summer day, and the stunning views of the surrounding mountains and trees make it a great place to relax and unwind.

Holiday Parks near Rydal Water:

Whorneyside Force

Whorneyside Force is a hidden gem tucked near Crinkle Crags and perfect for a refreshing swim in the Lake District.  This beautiful waterfall is surrounded by stunning scenery, with towering trees and rocky outcroppings providing a natural playground for visitors.

The walk towards the fall is quite long but well-worthwhile. We recommend going in the early mornings when the sun is out to enjoy your time to the fullest!

Holiday Parks near Whorneyside Force:


Ullswater is the second-largest lake in the Lake District, offering a variety of activities to visitors, including wild swimming. With its crystal-clear water, stunning views, and secluded coves, Ullswater is the perfect place for a refreshing dip. The lake’s deep waters provide a challenging swim for experienced swimmers, while the numerous beaches and shallower areas offer a safe and enjoyable swimming experience for all.

Ullswater’s natural beauty and tranquil atmosphere make it an ideal location for a day out in the waters, surrounded by the stunning mountains and valleys of the Lake District.

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Wastwater is a truly spectacular location in the Lake District that offers some of the best wild swimming experiences in the area. With its crystal-clear waters and stunning mountainous backdrop, it’s easy to see why it’s considered one of the most beautiful lakes in the UK. The water is cool and refreshing, and there’s plenty of space for swimming and diving.

It’s also surrounded by natural beauty, including the famous Scafell Pike, England’s highest mountain, and other peaks and valleys that make it a popular destination for hikers and nature lovers.

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