Discover the Thrills of Geocaching on Holiday

Looking for an exciting and interactive activity to enjoy with your family during your next away trip? Why not try geocaching on holiday?

It’s a great way to embark on a personal adventure and discover beautiful places while exploring. Plus, it’s a great opportunity to strengthen family bonds and have long-lasting fun with friends. Time to inject some excitement into your break – let’s get geocaching!

What is geocaching?

Now, what exactly is geocaching? Geocaching is often compared to a treasure hunt or hide-and-seek. People hide “geocaches” or “caches” in specific locations worldwide and mark them with coordinates using GPS devices. Seekers then use their own GPS devices to locate the hidden caches with the given coordinates. A geocache usually contains a waterproof container, a logbook to record visitors, and sometimes a small trinket or geocoin.

What equipment do you need?

If you’re a beginner in geocaching and you’re struggling to come up with a list of necessary gear, don’t worry. We have a guide that outlines all the equipment you’ll need to make sure you’re fully prepared for your geocache hunt.

Best Geocaching apps to use on holiday?

There are many apps available for geocaching during your holiday break. Some of our top picks include Geocaching, Cachly and C.geo.

 Geocaching is the official app for this activity, with user-friendly features that are easy to understand. You can use a different GPS app on your phone to navigate to the cache, and unfound caches are clearly marked on the map. The only drawback is that to access advanced features, you need to pay for the premium version.

C:geo is known for its simplicity and is said to be easier to use compared to other geocaching apps. Its maps can be saved offline, and caches can be logged without internet access. Similar to Geocaching, you can use your favourite GPS navigation app to direct you to the geocache, and they also offer a signature template to make logging caches easier. However, it is worth noting that C:geo does not support iOS devices.

Cachly is very similar to the official Geocaching app. The app offers convenient logging templates for caches. Furthermore, it allows you to filter the cache options based on your preferences and caches you have already caught. Another great benefit is that it syncs with Apple Watches, which is great, as you don’t have to pull out your phone during your search constantly. However, it should be noted that the app is not currently available for Android users and does come with a cost.

Geocaching etiquette

When participating in geocaching, it is essential to adhere to specific rules and etiquette. Here are some of the crucial ones to keep in mind:


Best geocaching locations while on holiday

Now that you have learned the basics of geocaching, here are some of our top location suggestions for your next geocaching adventure when you are on holiday in the UK.

The New Forest

The New Forest boasts an abundance of free-roaming wildlife and picturesque landscapes. It is the perfect location for geocachers seeking to explore a natural paradise while hunting for their geocaches.

Nearby Holiday Parks to stay at:

Snowdonia National Park

Exploring Snowdonia through geocaching is a delightful experience, with its breath-taking scenery and dramatic viewpoints. There’s plenty to discover during your searches.

Lake District

If you are a geocaching enthusiast, the Lake District is a destination you cannot miss. As the largest National Park in England, it boasts plenty of geocaches waiting to be discovered.

Wicken Fen

Wicken Fen National Nature Reserve is a beautiful destination, offering plenty of natural wonders to uncover while geocaching. Take in the gorgeous countryside and be prepared to witness a diverse range of wildlife during their visit.

Loch Tay

For the geocachers, we highly recommend you consider a visit to Loch Tay. It is a lovely natural wonder and is one of the biggest lochs in Scotland. Get ready for a delightful adventure while taking in the breath-taking scenery.


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