Best Glamping Holidays in the UK Guide

Gone are the days of soggy socks, sleeping bags and the stress of wrangling a tent on a windy day – instead glamourous camping, or glamping as it’s more commonly known, promises a luxurious alternative to traditional camping holidays! In our guide to Best Glamping Holidays in the UK below we’ve listed just some of the reasons why glamping should be on your holiday list.

A Stressless Experience

We all know how relaxing spending time in nature can be, but equally, traditional camping can be quite a demanding experience for many individuals. Camping holidays can be filled with laborious tasks, such as setting up the tent, trying to light a fire, or even trying to cook baked beans in the pouring rain. Glamping, on the other hand, eradicates all these unnecessary stresses that are associated with traditional camping. Simply turn up at your glamping accommodation and relax in the knowledge that everything is already set up for you.

Affordable Accommodation

With the rising cost of living, overseas holidays are quickly becoming unaffordable for a lot of people, especially after factoring in ticket prices, hotels, and travel money. Glamping offers an affordable alternative whilst still maintaining the same luxurious standards that we come to expect of high-end hotels.

There are plenty of incredible glamping options to choose from across the UK, ranging in location, size, and glamping types. If you are dreaming of a beach holiday in France, we suggest a coastal glamping holiday in Cornwall which is a fantastic, if not better, alternative.

Best Glamping Holiday Types in the UK

There are a variety of fantastic glamping accommodation options available here in the UK. With so many glamping types to choose from, there is truly something to suit everyone’s holiday tastes and requirements.


Yurts first appeared as early as three thousand years ago in Mongolia. Whilst these structures were originally made of animal furs and skin, modern-day Yurts are usually from wooden frames that are draped with felts, canvas, or plastic. This glamping type is fantastic all year round as they are highly insulating, allowing for you to remain comfortably warm during the night. Many Yurts continue to pay homage to their heritage whilst simultaneously providing guests with modern-day amenities, such as a hot tub. Yurts are an excellent option to consider for those looking to book a holiday type which accommodates larger groups. Yurts are usually set up in numbers, providing the perfect glamping experience for families and friends.

Safari Tents

Inspired by the tents originally used in Africa to withstand extreme temperatures, Safari Tents are fantastic for those looking for a home-from-home glamping holiday. Safari Tents are often regarded as being the most luxurious of all the glamping accommodation types as they provide all the facilities you have at home. These supersize tents often feature fully equipped kitchens, dining tables, living areas, a wood-burning stove, and even multiple bedrooms! Safari Tents are an excellent option for families looking to book a luxurious outdoor accommodation.


This unusual accommodation type is rapidly becoming one of the most popular glamping holidays here in the UK – and it’s easy to see why. Treehouses can differ massively from site to site; however, we can guarantee either way you’re in for a treat. Many Treehouses will fully immerse you in the treetops or surrounding countryside, which makes them the perfect glamping type if you’re looking to reconnect with nature on your holidays.

Bell Tents

Bell Tents are the closest of the glamping types to traditional camping, however, they still are large enough to provide guests with facilities that aren’t available in your everyday tent. These tents are large enough to fit beds, chests of drawers, tables, dog beds and more. Many Bell Tents are incredibly environmentally friendly as they are usually constructed using wood and canvas and don’t disturb the surrounding wildlife.


Tepees are very similar to Bell Tents as they are also cone-shaped glamping structures made from mainly wood and canvas. However, unlike Bell Tents, Tepees are often filled with artistic features which are reminiscent of their Native American heritage. We believe that this glamping type is perfect for couples looking for a romantic holiday in nature.

Glamping Pods

Glamping Pods come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes to suit everyone’s tastes. Pods tend to be smaller than other glamping options (though this is not always the case), and usually supply the guest with a bed and few other basic amenities. These low environmental impact Pods usually appear in groups in one given area, and so are perfect for family holidays.

Wooden lodges

When we think of wooden lodges, we usually cast our minds to think of ski chalets tucked away in the snow-covered Alps, but did you know that wooden lodges are an amazing glamping accommodation type all year round? This glamping type allows the guest to feel connected to nature as they are enveloped in wooden timber, which is usually locally sourced from the surrounding environment. Rustic and charming, wooden lodges truly feel like a home away from home as they are equipped with all the amenities you would find at home whilst also providing a sense of security with lockable doors and windows.

Shepherd huts

Shepherd Huts traditionally were portable wooden huts with curved iron roofs and cast-iron wheels. These huts would have been designed to be pulled by a shire horse to wherever location a shepherd and his flock needed to travel to. In the modern day, this glamping type tends to stay in one location, but still has all the charm of the traditional Victorian-era huts. Shepherd Huts tend to be fairly solitary in location, making it the perfect glamping getaway for a peaceful holiday in the country.

Weird and wonderful Glamping holidays

There are really no limits when it comes to alternative glamping types, from converted buses to submarines, boats to planes – there’s truly a whole glamping world to discover! These weird and wonderful options are guaranteed to create long-lasting memories for you and your family.

Essentials to take on a glamping trip

Once you have decided what kind of glamping type you’d like to spend your holidays in, you may be left wondering what exactly to bring with you. We recommend bringing your usual items such as clothes, toiletries, and entertainment – however, as accommodation types can vary massively from site to site, it’s best to double-check with your host on what is provided during your stay. That being said, we always recommended taking these essential items on your glamping trip.

Glamping is a fantastic way to spend quality time with your loved ones without worrying about anything else. This trendy camping experience promises the comforts of home all whilst immersing you in nature.

Glamping holidays are the perfect experience for everyone, from families with lively children to individuals looking for a relaxing break from their busy city jobs. Whether you are a lover of the great outdoors or a creature of comfort, we believe that everyone should try glamping at least once. Some of the Best Glamping Holidays in the UK brought to you by holiday park members of the BH&HPA.