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With more than 2,900 park listings, you're just a few clicks away from finding your ideal location - be it for a holiday or somewhere to live. More about UK Parks...

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High season holidays - pick before the peak!
Don't risk disappointment by leaving your summer booking until the last moment. The earlier you choose, the best choice you'll have of available locations, dates, and styles of accommodation. Using the search facilities on this website, you can quickly find a park which precisely matches your needs. Be it a quiet hide-away park deep in the country or on the coast, or a larger family-orientated park where there's something to keep everyone entertained, it's really just a few clicks away. And this summer, the range of holiday homes for hire is greater than ever: luxury caravan holiday homes, timber lodges, cottages, chalets, camping pods and even fully furnished wigwams! Discover the opportunities now, and book your perfect escape before it's too late.
Parks are first choice for second home buyers
Looked recently at how affordable it can be own a caravan holiday home or lodge on a park? Imagine having a bolt-hole of your very own in a favourite part of the country, and the freedom to escape whenever you choose. You could pay less than 10,000 for a quality pre-owned leisure home... or much more for a super-luxury lodge. Holiday home ownership on parks grows more popular each year, and beats holiday cottages hands-down for value... plus you'll never have to worry about cutting the grass or fixing the gutters. On many parks, a second home can also earn you a second income by letting out your chosen weeks (with the park taking care of all bookings and change-overs). Start planning now to enjoy all the escapes you can handle.

Let the family go wild, says David Bellamy
TV botanist David Bellamy sees nothing wrong in going wild on holiday - in fact, he's identified over 700 UK parks where wildlife and conservation can add an exciting new dimension to your stay. Look for the David Bellamy Conservation Award symbol, for it's here that you'll find a great green experience with activities ranging from nature trails to butterfly gardens, wild food forages and badger watches (check individual parks for details).
Park homes open the door to dream retirement
In many of Britain's loveliest areas, park homes are providing couples in or near retirement with a dream lifestyle which is both affordable and secure. Costing often far less than same-size brick-built properties, park homes are virtually maintenance free, and set in peaceful surroundings within friendly communities. Read about the advantages of park home living on this website - and if you think it's for you, why not pay a visit to see some of the properties first-hand?
David Bellamy
conservation scheme
David Bellamy Conservation Scheme
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